Experience the Magic of Matura:

  • A family and community spirit;
  • Working and interacting with hundreds of giant leatherback turtles at arm’s length;
  • Local cuisine and the best secrets of Caribbean cooking at our resident guesthouse;
  • Our natural attractions of the community; Matura River and Waterfall,Rio Seco Waterfall, Mermaid Pool and the Giant Leatherback Turtles.


Salybia Recreation & Water Sport Centre

Nature Seekers has partnered with the Ministry of Tourism, on the development project of Salybia Recreation and Water Sport Centre. The project is aimed at developing the community’s capacity and creating employment in the area. The Salybia Recreation & Water Sport Centre (SRWSC) comprises of: A Kayak Centre, Public Washrooms, Car Park Facilities, Security Services, Life Guard Services, and a Community Kitchen.


Turtle Watching

During the decades of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the slaughter of egg-bearing females created sufficient national concern to designate the nesting beach a Prohibited Area under the Forest Act (chap 66:01) in 1990. As a result, the Matura Beach is restricted every year during the period of 1st March to 31st August inclusive. This means that each person coming to view turtles must obtain a permit to enter the prohibited area.

In order to do this, persons will need to visit special offices of the Forestry Division with a list of names of everyone desirous of coming to view turtles and the date they wish to come. Without a permit on the beach you can be fined $20,000.00TT.


Permits can be obtained at Forestry Division:


Sangre Grande                         668-3825

San Fernando:                         657-8391

Port of Spain:                          622-7476

Chaguanas:                              671-4773


The cost of the permits: (to be paid at Forestry Division):

TT$5.00 per adult and

TT$2.00 per child (Under 12)



Orosco Visitors’ Facility


The Matura Turtle Watching Visitors Facility is a popular destination during the turtle season (March – August).  Take an easy drive along the Toco Main Road in Matura then make a right turn unto Orosco Road located just before the Matura Police Station.


The Visitors’ Facility is located about 3.5km in Orosco Road. As you follow the narrow road into the Matura Forest the darkness can be a bit intimidating but remember that it is better this way for the turtles as lights are a major distraction to these creatures.


Our upgraded facility allows our visitors with the conveniences needed to make their experience much more comfortable. Thanks to the Tourism Development Company (TDC), the facility is now outfitted with solar powered lights, new toilets & urinals, seating accommodation and car park facilities.



Turtle Watching Tour


This tour focuses on the amazing natural wonders of the nesting activities of sea turtles. You will be arms’ length away from giant leatherback turtles as they go through their ancient nesting ritual.

       DURATION:      2.5hours

       TIME:                  8:00pm nightly (March -August)



As part of the conservation effort a carrying capacity was establish to allow 200 persons for Matura Beach. As a result the permits are granted on a first come first serve basis.

On arrival the tour group receives a briefing and then taken to the beach by a tour guide for the viewing of the endangered leatherback turtles.



Turtle Tagging Tour

This tour offers an experience with the endangered Leatherback Turtles.  At every encounter, you’ll tag, measure, and weigh these turtles—which can grow as long as 2 meters/6.5 feet and weigh up to 900 kilograms/2000 lbs!–and collect other data crucial for local and worldwide conservation efforts.  Take this opportunity to get up close to what’s been called “the last living dinosaur,” while helping prevent its extinction.


DURATION:             4hours

TIME:                         8pm


Rio Seco Tour

“Rio Seco” is Spanish for Dry River and it seems unthinkable how this continuous supply of water can be called a dry river!  Howevern further upstream the river submerges and evidence of a dry river bed exists.

An interesting feature thirty minutes beyond the falls are sulphur springs situated at the mouth on one of its tributaries.  Exploring further downstream there are a series of pools and gorges that was discovered and its channel flows into the larger Salybia River that exits into the sea at Saline Bay. The Forestry Division and Ministry of Tourism recognising the potential of the falls has fixed the muddy road which in the rainy season was like a swamp and erected signs.

This tour begins with a moderate hike through the Matura National Park. This trail is filled with wonderful sights of natural wildlife and plants and the river’s clean water is a fantastic reward to any individual.

DURATION:             3- 4 hours

TIME:             Preferably morning period


Salybia River Kayak Tour

Our kayak tour begins at the mouth of the river in Salybia Bay Road just off the Toco Main Road in Salybia. Within a few minutes of leaving the river mouth you will be surrounded in the tranquillity of nature with the only sounds being the rustle of animals in the undergrowth and the whistling of birds.


Kayaking, as a source of inspiration and fascination, allows us to explore the hidden depths of the Salybia River’s ever changing landscape. Along the river’s route, interesting flora and fauna including iguanas, kingfishers and crabs can be seen.

A trained tour guide will brief and ensure that all safety equipment is properly worn by kayakers before the tour begins. This facility has a daily life guard presence that will ensure your safety on both the river and sea.

DURATION:             1 hour

TIME:                         10:00am to 6:00pm




Kayak Rides

The Salybia River is one that supports kayaking as a year round activity as the water is always ideal and inviting. Kayaking can be both physical and aesthetic as it’s a fantastic way of keeping fit and active.

Kayaks are available for rental at the Salybia Kayak Centre. There are also bathroom facilities and lifeguards on patrol at the beach front and river.

DURATION: 1 hour

TIME:                          10:00am to 6:00pm


Mermaid Pool Tour

The Matura River is a favourite destination among nature lovers; the limestone formations along its path have created many fascinating pools, waterfalls and gorges. There are many routes leading to the river depending on how far upstream you wish to proceed, the simplest one is a thirty-five minute trek to Mermaid Pool.


The hike starts at Thomas Trace located just before the Matura Outreach Centre and the journey to Mermaid Pool is through the Pine and Mora forest. During the dry season this area is vulnerable to bush fires and there is an observation fire tower located nearby. The trail descends down to the river and then a short hike along the river to the pools. Whilst this river is known for its abundant pools, there are three pools that are tightly nestled together and forming, the Mermaid Pools. Please note that a short river walk is involved with this hike.


DURATION:             2 hours


TIME:             10:00am – 12:00pm


Meeting Room

Nature Seekers’ new meeting room and office facilities allow us to provide a venue that can host both formal and informal functions. Our fully equipped, air-conditioned room can comfortably hold up to 50 persons theatre style and is rather suitable for a variety of events, meetings, training sessions, workshops, small conferences and exhibitions.

Organisations such as CANARI, Ministry of Tourism, EMA, UNDP, YTEPP, TDC, TVT, Forestry Division and several Community Groups, have been able to utilise this meeting room and its facilities. A range of computer and audio visual equipment include:-

  • Interactive ‘White board’
  • Projector
  • Laptop
  • Wireless internet access


This is a convenient venue for anyone wishing to host a meeting or workshop in the Northeast coast of Trinidad. Directions are made much easier since we are located along the Toco main road in Matura. Provision of teas, coffees, refreshments and a selection of lunches can be made available by prior notice.  Our staff can prepare the meeting room according to your specific needs.    


Suzan’s Guest House

Suzan’s Guest House is a fascinating addition to the accommodation options on Trinidad’s north-east coast.  Situated in the beautiful community of Matura, this small guest house offers 15 clean and comfortable air-conditioned bedroom suites. This family run guest house, offers a relaxed informal atmosphere and good company.

Services such as wireless internet, laundry and access to fax machines make this accommodation experience both convenient and delightful.

The local cuisines offer visitors a delicious blend of some of Trinidad’s most popular dishes with a touch of community culture.



Private bathrooms    TT$ 400.00

Shared bathrooms    TT$ 350.00


MEALS: Local Cuisine


Breakfast   -     TT$ 45.00 per person

Lunch         -    TT$ 60.00 per person

Dinner        -    TT$ 60.00 per person


Nature Walk

Red Howler Monkey picture for Ronald


The real magic of the Matura Forest can only be experienced on foot. Our Nature Walk offers the viewing and exploration of diverse flora and fauna which is a joy to many. The Matura Forest has established itself over hundreds of years and has developed into a haven for nature and wildlife. Depending on the part of the Forest that you decide to visit (and the time of year), you may see the brilliant vermillion of immortelles, or bright yellow bursts of poui flowers. A variety of bird species, iguanas and even agouties are among some of the animals that you are likely to encounter, but you may also be treated to a glance of the Red Howler Monkeys.


DURATION: 1 hour


TIME:             8:00am to 9:00am or 3:00pm to 4:00pm


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